DIY Leopard Vogue 8930 Oversized Coat

I’ve known how to sew for a couple of decades, but I never made much time for it once I started my career and family. A few years ago, as I was browsing the internet, I came across some awesome fashions that were created by an amazing woman named MIMI G. My passion for sewing was almost immediately reignited. I purchased a brand new sewing machine and watched as many sewing tutorials as I possibly could to bring my skills back up to speed.

In October 2014, MIMI G posted a free sew along video on how to make this leopard coat and I put it on my list of “Things to Sew”. I ordered the Vogue pattern V8930, my fabric, and lining online and waited for my items to arrive in the mail. While waiting for my package to arrive, I became very ill. I had no idea that I was pregnant!


Needless to say, my items arrived and by the time I felt well enough to sit at the sewing machine again, it was already spring time! So, I was determined to make sure I made this coat before spring time rolls around again and thankfully I achieved my goal! I’m prayerful that the temperature stays cool for a few more weeks because I’m working on a couple more jackets that have been on my “list” for quite some time now.






While going through some of my items in storage, I found these labels that my mom purchased for me when I was 12 years old! Unfortunately I don’t sew for others anymore, but I decided to use a few of them for my own pieces until my new ones arrive in the mail.



I cut the size small, View C of V8930, which is fully lined. MIMI G reviewed this pattern HERE and HERE and you can watch the free sew along video HERE.


I’m in love with this coat and I’m definitely going to make it again in a solid color.




6 thoughts on “DIY Leopard Vogue 8930 Oversized Coat”

  1. Makeba C. Butler

    LOVE the coat! I may need you to see one for me! Please let me know the cost!!

    1. Thanks Makeba! Girllllll….I hate to say this because I love you soooo much, but I don’t sew for others! Plus you live in Florida-would you ever wear it???!!!

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