Meet Raymon Willis…Husband. Father. Hair Designer. Photographer. Musician.

I would normally travel to Augusta, Georgia to get my hair done, but when I was about 7 months pregnant with my son, I was looking for someone closer because I could no longer make that long trip. I called a salon that was literally walking distance from my home and I made an appointment with one of the stylist. However, when I showed up for the appointment, the stylist was no where to be found. I was a little desperate because I’d just started transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural.


Low and behold, Raymon was working at this salon and agreed to do my hair for me. I was a little upset at the situation initially, but what a Blessing it turned out to be! Raymon not only did my hair that day, we became great friends. I would look forward to my hair appointments with him because we would talk a lot about his goals and aspirations. It warms my heart to see how his hard work has led him to operate in his destiny.



My blog is an outlet to share with the world what my life encompasses Outside the Cockpit, but I also use it as a platform to Educate and Inspire. I knew that I wanted to feature Raymon because of his tenacity and vision. I caught up with him recently and this is what he had to say:


The reason I work so hard is because of the two most important ladies in my life. My wife of 4 1/2 years, Mrs. Domineque Willis, who is my number one supporter and has been right by my side since day one. My beautiful little princess, Mackenzie Willis, is the light of my life and her future depends on my hard work and success. I love my girls and I will stop at nothing to give them the world!




I was born May 24, 1985 to Roy and Gwendolyn Willis. I grew up in a little neighborhood on the southeast side of Atlanta where it definitely took a village to raise a child!!!  I am a class of 2003 Frederick Douglass High School graduate and went on to earn my certification as a Master Barber/Stylist at Atlanta Technical College.


My mother has worked in the hair care industry for over 30 years. After watching my mother for many years, I was inspired and in the 8th grade, I decided to work towards a career in hair care. I’ve been a licensed Barber/Stylist since March of 2006. I love cutting and styling all types of hair, but I especially love to press out and add a little body to my natural ladies on the styling side. As far as barbering, I love turning everyday haircuts into works of art with creative coloring and blending techniques.




Once you decide that doing hair is no longer just a hobby but a way of earning a living, you have to treat your chair as if you are already operating your own salon. Set boundaries and set a schedule for yourself, otherwise you’ll burn yourself out early in the game. Most importantly… SAVE something for retirement and NEVER take your clients for granted because they pass hundreds of other willing and qualified Barber/Stylist just to get to you!


I became interested in photography after watching my inspiration, Mrs. Delisa Ozoilo masterfully photograph my wedding in 2011. After doing some research on equipment and the industy, I bought a camera and studied the craft until I felt comfortable enough to charge for my service. In 2014, I launched Camera Ready Photography by Raymon and I’m loving every second of the journey.




I have been playing drums since I had 2 pencils and a pot to beat on! I have been playing bass guitar since the age of 11. I am currently the Musical Director/Bass Guitarist for a quartet gospel group from Griffin Ga., known as The Gospel Stairways. I’m also a member of The House of Hope Atlanta and I sing in the HFS Male Chorus.




My short term goal is to continue to build and grow the Camera Ready brand. My long term goal is to have my own salon and photography studio within the next 5 years. I would ultimately love to have some of my work featured in a major publication; I feel that this avenue would help with my brand and help me to become well-known in the industry.


Raymon’s contact information:
For business inquiries: (404) 642-4401 (cell)

Email: or

Hair Appointments: and search for Camera Ready Hair Designs by Raymon or call his cell # above


Facebook: Camera Ready Photography by Raymon

Follow Raymon on Instagram @seandabarber524




6 thoughts on “Meet Raymon Willis…Husband. Father. Hair Designer. Photographer. Musician.”

  1. I love Raymon… he is a great stylist, loving father and dedicated husband. I wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors!

  2. Courtinay Geter

    OMG this makes me want to cry!!!!! This is awesome and so is Raymon! Stephanie you said something then! This guy is amazing and truly loves what he does!

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