My First Boot Camp Experience and Results

Earlier this year, I saw pictures and posts of a Facebook friend participating in a Boot Camp and it looked like so much fun. I immediately sent her a message to ask what was a good time for us to chat so that I could get all the details. We spoke that night and my interest level soared through the roof! The location of the Boot Camp was not too far from where I lived, so I Liked The World’s Best Boot Camp-Peachtree City  Facebook page and waited to find out the start of the next Boot Camp.





The next Boot Camp would start on April 30th, and I immediately signed up for the 6 week program and officially became a member of Troop 016! The first day is referred to as Enlistment Day and it was held on a Saturday. When I arrived, I saw a small tent with a few employees ready to greet and welcome me. Here is where I received a name tag, filled out a few forms, and receive a t-shirt. I was told that I must wear the t-shirt every time I came to class or the penalty would be burpees for everyone! (Yeah, burpees!)





Once inside, they took my measurements, pictures, and payment. After all enlistees were finished, the Commanders conducted basic instruction on how to do several exercises with emphasis on the correct form. After a warm up and stretching, it was time to do our Baseline Assessment.  This assessment consisted of running, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees. (Yeah, burpees!)





I must say that the 6 weeks flew by and before I knew it, it was time for us to graduate. I had so much fun and I met some of the greatest people that I am now honored to call my friends. Initially, my goal was to loose weight and get into better shape. I didn’t realize that I would gain so much confidence and strength in the process. We became the pushup-ish, situp-ish, running-ish, burpee-ish, kettleball-ish, squat-ish, tire flipping-ish group of troopers you’d ever meet! But, the best part about it was that we did it together!





Graduation for Troop 016 took place on June 11th. We repeated the Baseline Assessment that was administered to us on the first day and once again, our measurements were taken. The difference in our body measurements and Baseline Assessment determined who would win the $200 prize for the Biggest Transformation!


There was a tie for first place for the biggest transformation, so Kelley and I split the $200 prize! We were so excited!! I shaved over 3 minutes off of my baseline assessment time and I lost a little over 6 inches. I learned a lot about nutrition, water intake, and what it takes to get the best results possible in 6 weeks. Now that I’m armed with this information, I’m ready to tackle another 6 week boot camp.





Enlistment day for Troop 017 was on June 25th and graduation will be August 6th. I’m looking forward to another great experience and getting to know a lot more people who have similar goals in mind. The news is spreading fast about how great  this program is because a gazillion people were there on Saturday, ready and excited to make a change! So don’t miss out! You can click HERE to see where the closest Cross Fit Boot Camp is near you and you’ll soon realize that you too can become “Stronger Together!”





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Photos are Courtesy of: The World’s Best Boot Camp-Peachtree City, Ga



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