Our First Blessing

November is a very special month for us because it’s the month that our first child, Mason Grant Harris, was born. His original due date was on November 2, 2011, but he didn’t arrive until 9 days later; giving him the historic birthdate of 11/11/11! This post is dedicated to our first blessing, our son Mason, who turned 5 years old a couple of weeks ago. These photos are a constant reminder of how excited we were that he was about to make his debut into the world, the deep love my husband and I share for one another, and how much we loved him even before we met him.



Mason has brought so much joy into our lives, that it’s hard to believe that we once lived life without him. He is truly a Blessing and I’m so happy that God chose us to be his parents. When I first learned that we were expecting, I knew instantly that I wanted to take pregnancy photos. I also knew that there was only one photographer that I would trust to capture this very special moment for us. That person was my cousin, Jackie Hicks, who is a multi-awarded portrait photographer and the owner of Fond Memories Photography.


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My younger sisters even got in on some camera action! Charlie’s Angels ain’t got nothing on us!!


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Photographer: Jackie Hicks of Fond Memories Photography on Instagram and Facebook


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  1. Stephanie I’m sooooo honored that I got the honor to meet you many years ago and to see this beautiful journey that God has had you on!!!! May God continue to be a blessing to you and your beautiful family!!!!

  2. I’m so very happy for you and your new family. Enjoy your blessing. Thank you for sharing your joy.

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