How I Lost 20 lbs. During Quarantine!

I can’t believe it’s November already. The year 2020 was supposed to be my year! I, like so many others, brought in the new year with bright ideas and short-term goals. We lost a great basketball player, Kobe Bryant, on my birthday and then the world started to become infected with a deadly virus we have come to know as COVID19. Because of the virus, I decided to stop flying as a pilot and took a leave of absence from my job. That was in April and I have been home ever since.

How does this contribute to my weight loss you ask? Well, I have been in a battle with my weight for a few years now. About three years ago, I noticed changes in my body. At first, they were subtle, then the changes became mind boggling. My hair started to shed, and my weight gain was what I considered to be almost uncontrollable. I felt like I gained a ½ pound every night during my sleep.

After a consult with my OB/GYN, I found out that I was in the beginning stages of menopause or perimenopausal. I begged for her to prescribe me something that would alleviate some of my symptoms, but she would not. When I asked what I could do about the weight gain, the only information I walked away with was not to eat anything “white”. I was mortified.

That is when I decided to go to a holistic doctor, and it was life changing. My first appointment was in May and they conducted a variety of tests on my system functions, ability to burn fat, antioxidant levels, etc. I had weekly appointments for three months. During the three months, we focused on targeting different body systems through cleanses, meal planning, and supplements. This process was not cheap, but I was at a point where I did not care how much it cost because I was miserable. Plus, I knew that if I did not do something now, I would gain even more weight while quarantined.

In those three months, I lost 12 pounds. My weight loss slowed down a little once virtual school started in August for my two kids. As many parents can attest, not having your kids being able to physically go to school, is a whole different ball game! Once again, I found myself trying to figure out a routine to assist in my ability to continue to lose weight.

On October 13th, I weighed in again at my physician’s office and I had officially lost 20 pounds. By the time this blog post is published, I would have already completed a nine-day juice cleanse and possibly will have started on another cleanse of some sort.

My goal is to lose at least another 15 pounds by my birthday. I will celebrate my 47th birthday on January 26th, 2021. I must admit that I have not really worked out since the pandemic started, however, I have made a commitment to myself to get up early and work out once I’m done with my second cleanse. There is really no excuse for me not to work out. I have a gym in my basement for goodness sake!!!

My eating regimen took a little getting used to but now it is a way of life for me. I started intermittent fasting in August. I fast (no food, only water) from 7pm until 11am which is 16 hours. On many days, I do not eat my first meal of the day until around noon or 1pm, but I never eat after 7pm. My first meal is usually yogurt with fruit or if I want something hot, I will eat a bowl of plain oatmeal with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries drizzled with a little honey. For dinner, I usually have a salad. When I am not eating salad for dinner, I will have a bowl of vegetables with either quinoa or rice. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water, with lemons and limes, a day has also helped me tremendously with my overall digestion.

I was a vegan for almost a decade and I really feel like I was at my best during that time. So, I have decided to work my way back to veganism. If you are interested in following me on my journey to a healthier and prayerfully slimmer body; you can find me on Instagram @stephaniergrant.

I was eyeing a new exercise machine for my home gym. It is called the DB Method and I finally ordered it. It’s basically a squat machine, but you can also use it to work your abs and upper body. I love it! And since becoming obsessed with juicing, I recently purchased a Nama cold press juicer. It is life changing! If you have a DB Method or a Nama juicer or have ever used one, please leave a message in the comments below.

I’d like to thank Jamila Wright of for redesigning and committing digital surgery on both my blog and website, She has been fantastic to work with and if you have any web/logo design, branding, content creation or blogging needs-she is the one to call.

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You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any diet or fitness program. The implementation of any information shared on this blog post is solely at your own risk. I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, or registered dietician.


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