Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Every Month!

My maternal great-grandmother died when she was 47 years old from breast cancer. Both sides of my family have suffered loss from this disease. I’ve received calls recently from women in my life that I love dearly, that they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The nation recognizes the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, every month is Breast Cancer Awareness month! As a woman, I shouldn’t wait until October every year to do self-exams or schedule my mammogram. In October, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kellie Goss, Erika Weathers, and Tamekia Hunter Ross on Instagram Live about their breast cancer journeys. I pray that the stories of these three women will shed some light on the untold stories of this disease. I have included their individual interviews in the text below.

Kellie Goss – Previvor

Kellie and I met a few years ago while taking a Crossfit bootcamp class. We quickly became friends and were very intentional on meeting for lunch on a regular basis prior to COVID19. I’d never heard of a previvor prior to Kellie’s journey. In her interview, you will learn about the women in her life that have survived breast cancer and the steps she took after the results of her BRCA gene test. You can continue to follow Kellie on Instagram @browngirlandbrcaplus and read her blog HERE.

Stephanie R. Grant on Instagram: “Previvor and Advocate! Donations can be sent to @metavivor @browngirlandbrcaplus”

Erika Weathers – 2X Breast Cancer Survivor

Erika and I worked at the same airline prior to it’s shutdown in October. She was a Flight Attendant and the first time we flew together, we had a layover in NY. We met downstairs for a bite to eat and, after chatting for a bit, realized that we had similar interests. If you live in the Atlanta area, you may catch a glimpse of her on tv because she’s also an actress. I never knew that Erika was a breast cancer survivor until I saw it on her social media pages. She was diagnosed at the age of 33 and then again at the age of 38. Her story is filled with strength, courage, and determination. She is a Breast Cancer Warrior and you can follow her on Instagram @iam_erikaweathers.

Stephanie R. Grant on Instagram: “2 X Breast Cancer Survivor”

Tamekia Hunter Ross – Battling Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer

Tamekia and I are from the same hometown of Sumter, SC and we graduated from high school together. I could probably write a book about what she’s been through, but I’ll leave that task up to her! I’m still in awe of how she’s been able to balance work, family, and traveling to Atlanta every three weeks for treatment. She still spends the little free time she does have giving back and supporting her community. As you watch the interview, you will feel how strong her faith is in GOD and her fortitude to continue to fight the good fight. You can continue to follow Tamekia’s journey on her Facebook page HERE.

Stephanie R. Grant on Instagram: “Battling Stage IV Breast Cancer”


  • Do monthly Breast Self-Exams.
  • Get a yearly mammogram.
  • If you are younger than 40 years old but have a history of breast cancer in your family, check with your insurance company for options to start preventive screening early.
  • Men can be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Early detection and proper education is key.
  • Consider wearing deodorant that is aluminum and dye free.
  • Ask questions!!


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