My Black Women in Business Instagram Interview Series, Part 3

I started this series in 2020 and if you missed part one and two, you can read about it HERE and HERE. My main objective of doing this series is to highlight incredible business owners that are black women. Like the previous series, I interviewed four incredible women and I know all of them personally. Below, you will find the link to each individual interview and their contact information. Follow me on Instagram @stephaniergrant for March’s (part 4) Black Women in Business Series that is currently in progress.

Tracy Atobatele

I met Tracy last year when she became a member of Sisters of the Skies, Inc. She is not only a black woman in business, but she’s also a commercially rated pilot! Tracy is the owner of an African print shoe business called Rita and Nathan Clothiers. Tracy named her business after her parents. She has been in business since 2008 and offers a variety of sneakers, ballet flats, and slides. A percentage of her profits are donated to help children ages 0-10 with providing basic amenities like healthcare, clothing, food, and education in Nigeria. If you would like to order a pair of African print footwear, you can send Tracy a direct message through her Instagram page HERE. You can also find her on Facebook HERE.

Watch my Instagram Live Interview with Tracy HERE!

Joetta Talford

I’ve known Joetta for a very long time. We grew up in the same hometown of Sumter, SC. She is the owner of the real estate brokerage firm Talford Realty International located in Rock Hill, SC. The firm is a full-service brokerage, serving the Fort Mill, Rock Hill & Charlotte metro area. Joetta is looking to expand into the Georgia market soon. Their focus is to help clients and customers build the life of their dreams using real estate as its cornerstone. Her focus is on assisting YOU, her clients and customers in an efficient and organized manner. When you hire Talford Realty International, you are hiring a family of agents, ready to assist in your residential, commercial and investment needs. To can contact Joetta through her website HERE. You can also find her on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Watch my Instagram Live interview with Joetta HERE!

Crystal Johnson

Crystal is the CEO of Lovely Highs candle company. Lovely Highs is a luxury candle line specializing in therapeutic and aromatic scents that evoke relaxation and healing. Lovely Highs is a manifestation of her love for aviation and candle therapy which were merged together to create “Lovely Highs”. During our interview, Crystal shared that she sometimes suffer from anxiety. Candle therapy has helped her tremendously to cope with her symptoms. I have ordered several of these candles and I love them! Crystal is also a member of Sisters of the Skies, Inc. and a commercial pilot that recently upgraded to Captain. You can click HERE to order Lovely Highs Candles. You can also follow Lovely Highs candle company on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Watch my Instagram Live interview with Crystal HERE!

Dr. Kendra DeWalt

Kendra is not just a black woman in business-she is family. I am so very proud of everything that she’s accomplished and I learned so much more about her business and journey during our interview. She is the Founder/Director of The Reading Center in Columbia, SC. Over the past 17 years, Kendra has served in a number of roles that provided pathways for her to develop, implement, and lead multi-tiered, literacy initiatives aimed to train, develop, recruit and retain teachers and leaders to build learning communities for students that focus on equitable, results-driven literacy instruction in both general and special education settings. If you have a child, loved one, or student in need of literacy services-please contact The Reading Center at Dr. DeWalt also specializes in grant writing as a resource for increasing funding for literacy support. She works with individuals ages 6 and up. You can follow the Reading Center on Instagram HERE.

Watch my Instagram Live interview with Kendra HERE!

I’d like to thank these incredible ladies for sharing their journeys of becoming Black Women in Business. If you know of a black woman in business that you’d like me to feature during one of my Instagram Live interviews, please leave a comment below. Happy Women’s History month and don’t forget to subscribe to my Blog!


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